Killing Time Beyond Oceanfront Hotels Carlsbad CA

Oceanfront Hotels Carlsbad CA

Killing Time Beyond Oceanfront Hotels Carlsbad CA

So you’ve checked into one of the oceanfront hotels Carlsbad CA and are having a most peaceful and comfortable vacation. Your body is suitably rejuvenated and all that lazing around is finally inching towards boredom now.

What do you do then to add a little spice to your life? Have no worries. Even though oceanfront hotels Carlsbad CA like the Ocean Palms Beach Resort will keep you cocooned in luxury and comfort, there’s an equally interesting and entertaining world beyond them.

The world beyond oceanfront hotels Carlsbad CA

Step into Carlsbad Village every Wednesday to visit the State Street Farmers’ Market with its wide array of fresh organic produce, foods prepared locally, handicrafts, and live entertainment galore.

Visit its shops, restaurants and handicrafts boutiques to pick up some gorgeous artwork that the state is so famous for. It’s an ideal place to chill out with family and friends or just sit at a wayside café, sip a drink, and watch the world go by.

For music lovers, there’s the annual Carlsbad Music Festival, held in August every year. You couldn’t perhaps find a more extraordinary event which brings together every genre of music on one stage.

From classical, contemporary, indie rock to electronic and trance music, there’s a little of everything for all classes of music lovers. What’s more, the beer and wine gardens and the food trucks will keep your taste buds tickling all the time.

Eat, drink, and be merry!

That’s the typical Carlsbad spirit beyond the confines of your room at any of the oceanfront hotels Carlsbad CA. Come September and its time for the Annual Carlsbad Brewfest at Holiday Park.

Sip some of San Diego County’s finest craft beers, while also enjoying the live music, games, and food.

For art lovers, visiting the ArtWalk Carlsbad held at the Carlsbad Flower Fields in September. With over 200 artists participating, you will be amazed at the display of fine art at the venue.

Socialize over a glass of wine as music fills the air; gorge on some great street food and in general, have a good time.

If you’re visiting in October, attend the Annual Art, Rhythm, and Wine Festival and the Oktoberfest Family Fall Festival. So, if time is available at hand, it’s for you to kill it at your leisure.


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