Tipple & Nibble at Carlsbad Hotels

Carlsbad Hotels

Tipple & Nibble at Carlsbad Hotels

Carlsbad hotels have a reputation for serving some great food and drinks to their guests, particularly seafood that is not only ocean fresh but cooked to perfection and to please even the fussiest customer.

So, what is it that makes the food of Carlsbad hotels so famous? Try the food at the Ocean Palms Beach Resort and you’ll know why.

The Magic of Carlsbad Hotels Cuisine

The basic ingredients that are used to prepare meals for guests staying at Carlsbad hotels are not only farm-fresh but have a unique coastal Californian taste to them.

The salads, appetizers, pizzas, pasta, desserts, entrées, fine wine, and beer are all so unique that they inevitably tickle the taste buds of all first-time tasters.

You get authentic Italian, Japanese and Mexican cuisine in eclectic and vintage settings where the friendly staff of Carlsbad hotels is ever willing to make your dining experience a memorable one.

Listen to live bands play as you enjoy the ocean’s evening breeze and sit down to a most romantic candlelit dinner, watching the sun go down on the mesmerizing Pacific. Join friends and family members in some great conversation as the exotic south Californian wines flow and the food hits the table.

Most Carlsbad hotels also have room service facilities if you want to dine privately. Order online or even opt for specialty tables that host as many as 18 people together for a meal.

Nibble & tipple all the way at Carlsbad hotels

The food is all hyper-locally sourced and go into the creation of meals ranging from authentic sushi to craft beer.

You also get seasonal specials to drink. Take for example drinks like the Hennessey’s Lemonade Flavor & Favorite, made with freshly squeezed lemon juice; Very Cherry with Bacardî’s Torched Cherry; the Chilled Grape that uses Bacardî Arctic Grape; the Original that uses 42 Below as its principal ingredient; and the Absolut-ly, made with Absolut Raspberry or Absolut Berry Acai, to name a few.

None of the Carlsbad hotels are complete without their stock of craft beer and are havens for beer lovers.

You get huge 64 oz souvenir glasses – the world’s largest – of domestic premium draft. Don’t forget to try the heavenly south Californian wines either.


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