What Makes Carlsbad Pet Friendly Hotels Different

Carlsbad Pet Friendly Hotels

What Makes Carlsbad Pet Friendly Hotels Different

A common problem among tourists traveling with pets is that even though they are welcome at most hotels, their pets aren’t. This is exactly where Carlsbad pet friendly hotels make a difference. As they openly welcome humans, their reception to dogs and cats is equally warm.  The Ocean Palms Beach Resort is one such hotel that is absolutely pet-friendly.

Carlsbad currently has 49 pet friendly hotels. These are all equipped fully to cater to specific pet needs with special diets, pet toilet and walking areas and staff, which is trained to handle pets with care and affection.

Moreover, if there are any pet medical emergencies, some Carlsbad pet friendly hotels even have a vet on call.

Check into Carlsbad pet friendly hotels and experience the difference

Not all hotels in Carlsbad will welcome pets. So as you check into any of the Carlsbad pet friendly hotels, you will immediately see and feel the difference.

You will need to submit details of your pet’s dietary habits, meal times, personal care and grooming so that the staff can make cater to them accordingly.

Now, that’s a huge load off your mind as you don’t need to worry about these things any more.

The sheer convenience of Carlsbad pet friendly hotels

These hotels are moreover, conveniently located to give you easy access to most of Carlsbad’s tourist attractions like the Carlsbad Village and Legoland, which the kids are sure to enjoy. The Carlsbad Village for example, is just a short drive from most of these hotels and gives you ample scope to get a feel of the local culture.

Enjoy the outdoor activities provided by Carlsbad pet friendly hotels on their beaches and manicured lawns, play golf at the nearby courses or laze by their pool sides. Work out in their well equipped fitness centers or swim a dozen laps everyday in their outdoor pools.

So walk in with your pooch and experience the difference. It could certainly be worth it!

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