Essential Travel Items for Your Trip to a Carlsbad Hotel on the Beach

Carlsbad Hotel on the Beach

Essential Travel Items for Your Trip to a Carlsbad Hotel on the Beach

You’ve already bought the tickets and are eager to hop on the plane – all that’s left now is packing. We’ve compiled a list of essential items to bring during your getaway to a Carlsbad hotel on the beach.

#1: Versatile Casual Clothing

Carlsbad Village is world-renowned for its casual, easy-going vibes. As such, bring mostly casual clothing, with just a few fancier items for potential nights out on the town. Depending on what you plan to do, your chosen outfits should make you feel comfortable. You can take a stroll along the beach or having a few drinks in the buzzy Gaslamp District.

In the daytime, jeans/shorts or a casual dress along with a pair of flip-flops is the usual go-to. Nighttime is much cooler and may require a light jacket or sweater with long pants. We also encourage you to bring a good pair of walking shoes, in case you plan to visit places like Legoland, the Zoo, or SeaWorld.

#2: Weatherproof Clothing (Just in Case!)

If your visit falls in the late spring to early fall, a light sweater and comfy pants should suffice. However, from October to April, it’s prudent to bring several pairs of cozy pants. Maybe even, one thicker sweatshirt or hoodie/jacket.

#3: Beach Accessories

If you’re taking a trip to a Carlsbad hotel on the beach, you’re looking forward to some time at the beach. Absolute must-haves for trips to the beach include a swimsuit, large beach towel, a nice book, and an easy-to-carry bag to lug it all down.

If you’re someone who enjoys going in and experiencing the waves, a wetsuit may be a good idea. While you can certainly bring a surfboard or boogie board if you feel inclined to do so, there are numerous convenient locations in Carlsbad and all up and down the coast that will rent you one at a fair price.

#4: Cameras

Once you leave San Diego, your memories will be all that you have – and while the mental variety is wonderful (and old-school) we recommend bringing some type of camera (preferably something nicer than a smartphone) to capture what may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Cameras are especially recommended for those traveling with young children, as kids grow up fast and it’s invaluable to look back on good times in pictures and reflect when they get a little older.



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