Best Winter Activities During Your Stay at a Carlsbad Hotel

Carlsbad Hotel

Best Winter Activities During Your Stay at a Carlsbad Hotel

Although summertime is wonderful in Carlsbad – many book their hotel stays during the winter to avoid the crowds and beat the heat. We’ve compiled a list of some great activities to enjoy during your fall or winter stay while at a Carlsbad hotel.

#1: Check Out Some Great Carlsbad Restaurants Near Your Hotel

While there are countless incredible eateries to enjoy during your stay in beachfront Carlsbad lodging, here’s some that we highly recommend:

  • Park 101
  • The Goods
  • Grubby’s Poke and Fish Market
  • Cicciotti’s Trattoria
  • Campfire
  • PAON Restaurant and Wine Bar
  • Vigilucci’s Seafood and Steakhouse
  • The Naked Cafe
  • Crackheads

#2: Explore Carlsbad Nightlife

Carlsbad nightlife is some of the best you’ll find anywhere, here’s some great spots to socialize, get a drink, or meet new friends and locals:

  • The Coyote Bar and Grill
  • Compass
  • Witch Creek Winery
  • Barrel Republic
  • Alley
  • Boar Cross’n
  • The Charles Kenneth
  • Oak + Elixir

#3: Explore Nature All Around Carlsbad

Staying at a Carlsbad hotel will put you in close proximity to dozens of great options if you’re an outdoor enthusiast or nature lover. Here’s some great nearby places to explore:

  • Batiquitos Lagoon
  • Aqua Hedondia Lagoon
  • Lake Calavera
  • Poinsettia Park
  • South Carlsbad State Beach
  • The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch
  • San Dieguito River Trails
  • Hosp Grove Park
  • Magee Park
  • Stagecoach Park
  • Holiday Park
  • Maxton Brown Park

#4: Walk Through Downtown Carlsbad Village

Downtown Carlsbad Village is host to innumerable shops, botiques, cafes, coffee shops, galleries, and more – here’s a few ideas when planning your outing in this legendary locale in North County San Diego:

  • Take a leisurely stroll in the old European-like avenues
  • Sip on a warm cafe latte at the Carlsbad Chocolate Bar
  • Go shopping in various galleries on State Street and Carlsbad Blvd.
  • Snap a family photo in front of the Twin Inns.
  • Take a short break from walking and have a big lunch at Vigilucci’s Gourmet Market.
  • Go see the Antique Mall and see what novelties you can find.

#5: Take a Carlsbad Food Tour

Carlsbad and San Diego are often renowned for their wide variety of cuisines and award-winning restaurants. Virtually every region of the world is excellently represented in a number of fantastic restaurants all around the county, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, French, Mexican, American, European, and much more.

Especially for those who have limited time or finances, it can be a daunting and overwhelming task to pick and choose which eateries you will explore. For those individuals, we recommend checking out a Carlsbad Food Tour – they also offer specials for taking the tour in the wintertime!

These are just a handful of activities available to you during your stay near the beach at a Carlsbad hotel – explore around and ask locals for even more ideas, such as renting an electronic bicycle and riding up and down the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway!



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