For the Love of Adventure at California Beach Resorts

California Beach Resort

For the Love of Adventure at California Beach Resorts

Aren’t kids just adorable? Such free spirits. Such pure souls. As we are well aware, kids are suckers for fun and exhilarating adventures-splashing in the waters, building sandcastles, playing in the rain, screaming names down a cliff and having it echoed right back are just a few of the awesome thrills that come with childhood. Growing up, however, has inundated us with a bunch of responsibilities, unrealistic expectations, and stark realities that have knocked us out of our childish daydreams and fantasies.  Unless we keep being kids at heart. Taking an adventurous vacation at any one of the California Beach Resorts will make you reconnect with your inner child.  As you break free from all restrictions, unrealistic expectations, impositions, and stereotypes associated with adulthood.

Check out of reality and relieve your long-forgotten childhood memories at any of the best Southern California beach resorts as you feel years of accumulated stress roll away from your shoulders with every roll of the waves. Ride the ocean waves,  visit the zoo, listen as your echo bounce over hills and comes right back at you, sprawl on the beach sand and count the stars, spread your arms in reckless abandon as you embrace the sweetness of nature…just because you can. You could recreate amazing fun childhood memories in any of the following places in Carlsbad.

K1 Speed

Here you get to experience mind-blowing racetrack in a chic, fun and friendly environment that’s uniquely Carlsbad. Catch the thrills from fast car races with over a dozen laps the fast and furious way-only here no one gets hurt. Enjoy the camaraderie and a spirit of true sportsmanship as you engage in a variety of lined up sporting activities.

The Sea Life Aquarium

Affords a unique opportunity to get real up close and personal with aqua creatures of various species. You get an underwater experience as you get a panoramic view of sharks, whales, sea urchins, and the sweet Dolphins. Hi-five a sea star and watch as fascinating sea creatures feed and get by. Ideal place for school excursions, family, and business trips.

California Beach Resorts

Tourists from all walks of life have found a treasure trove well off the beaten path in Carlsbad beach resorts, and its constituent beaches. Have your pick from the assortment of water activities like Scuba diving, kayaking, surfing the winds, beach volleyball and other seaside ventures such as sunbathing, picnicking and sightseeing. The pleasant California sun further amplifies the experience.


Families love to frequent Legoland for its vast amusement parks, over 60 Lego rides, an array of Legoland models and the signature Lego experience. It is every kid’s (and adult’s) fantasy. It offers exhilarating fun, games, sports, and relaxation for people of all ages.  From Spring to beginning of Fall, check out the Chima Waterpark on the grounds and fly through water slides.

Carlsbad Chocolate Bar

Bring back your inner child as you fully indulge your sweet cravings at the chocolate bar. They have chocolate candies, a full coffee and espresso bar, and all the sweetness life has to offer.

Also, there are so many ways to relive childhood fun with experiences at Carlsbad beach resorts.  So, plan your getaway today!

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