How to Choose the Best Beachfront Hotel in Southern California

Beachfront Hotel in Southern California

How to Choose the Best Beachfront Hotel in Southern California

Staying at a beachfront hotel in Southern California means sleeping to the sound of the surf, taking evening walks on the sand, sitting with your morning coffee and watching the waves roll in, and watching the sunset.

Not All Beachfront Properties are on the Beach

When getting ready to book a beachfront hotel you need to be aware that due to geography and famous highways, some hotels are on the inland side of the shore hugging Pacific Coast Highway or perched above the ocean on a bluff.  So even though there is no shortage of hotels near the beach finding one that is steps away is a shorter list.  So you must be more selective and do your due diligence when booking your beach vacation.

Things to Consider Before Booking a Beachfront Hotel in Southern California

These are some questions that you will want to ask when booking a beachfront hotel.  While some might be more important to you than others, they all will make a difference in the option you choose.  However, all of these questions will give you an idea of how close to the beach you will be.

  • Is it right on the sand or across the street? This is important as there may be traffic noise between you and the sound of the waves.
  • Am I getting a room facing the ocean or facing the highway on the other side of the hotel? Again, this answers to the noise as well as so you know what to expect when you arrive.
  • Is there an actual ocean view from the room in question?
  • Is there a path to the beach or is the hotel on a bluff above a rocky cove with no access? Is it easy to access for anyone with physical challenges, families, and convenient?
  • Is the beach mostly used by hotel guests or heavily used by the public? This way you can take time of year into consideration, along with crowds and local traffic. It is a planning question that will give you an idea of what to expect.
  • Do you provide beach towels, umbrellas, chairs, and boogie boards? It is always easier if you don’t have to pack as much, especially if you are coming by plane.
  • Are there additional resort fees? This is a huge question to ask, as many resorts do charge an additional resort fee on top of room rates.  You will want to look into this before booking.

Hotel Amenities

When it comes to hotels, you should have tons of amenities to choose from.  Of course, WIFI is a must and most hotels will offer it, however, confirm with the hotel.

If you are taking the whole family, you will want to be sure that the hotel is kid-friendly and pet-friendly.  If you’re taking the entire family find a hotel with a kitchenette or kitchen option is a must.  You can make meals or snacks for everyone, and it helps save you money.

Plan Your Next Vacation Today

Ocean Palms Beach Resort is the perfect place to plan your next vacation.  It is a beachfront hotel in Southern California with easy beach access and all the amenities and requirements that are on vacationer’s checklist.  There are no resort fees, so you will not have an additional fee bill at the end of your stay.  Enjoy the ocean in beautiful San Diego at Ocean Palms.


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