Best Day Activities Near Carlsbad Lodging

Carlsbad Lodging

Best Day Activities Near Carlsbad Lodging

We’ve compiled a list of some lesser-known spots for you to enjoy during your stay at one Carlsbad lodging, that are sure to be fun for you and the whole family!

Lake Calavera

You might be surprised to find out that you’ll be close to a volcano when you stay at a Carlsbad lodging on the beach – but you’ll get to see it when you visit close-by Lake Calavera. The lake covers more than 400 acres, and surround what remains of an old quarry and mine. Mount Calavera is technically a ‘volcanic plug’ which is essentially hardened magma atop what was once an active volcano – though this spot is inactive now. Lake Calavera offers some moderately challenging hiking trails with great views for those seeking a bit of a workout.

K1 Speed

This indoor kart racing track is in the middle of Carlsbad, and offers a great activity for the whole family. Boasting lighting like you’ll find in a nightclub and a moderately challenging course, you’ll have a blast on these race karts with 20 horsepower electric motors and timed races. One of the best parts about being on vacation is trying new things – and K1 Speed may be just what the doctor ordered.

Carlsbad Mineral Spa

Carlsbad Lodging and the Carlsbad Mineral Spa is one of the best you’ll find. The source of this healing water was discovered in 1882 when Captain John Frazier drilled a well on his farm and realized the water was similar to the spring water he knew from Europe. Locals believe this alkaline water has magical healing capabilities; enjoy a trip to this spa to relax and decide for yourself if the legends are true.

Craftsmanship Museum

Carlsbad is home to some world-class museums, and the Craftsmanship Museum is no exception. This gem tells the story of Carlsbad’s history through relics and intellectual property. It showcases the development of design over many centuries – whether instruments, engines, or automobiles.

Museum of Making Music

Innovation and history become one at the Carlsbad Museum of Making Music, honoring ancient sounds while respecting modern musicians equally. Exhibits spring to life with live performances that showcase local talent. Bring the family along to see how history has influenced music.

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