Best Activities for Kids Near Carlsbad Hotels

Carlsbad Hotels

Best Activities for Kids Near Carlsbad Hotels

If you’re planning on bringing the whole family to Carlsbad Hotels, kid-friendly activities are a must. We’ve compiled a list here of things sure to put a smile on the whole family’s faces.

Visit K1 Speed

While you and your partner might enjoy shopping or hitting up Carlsbad’s numerous great restaurants, this can get to be boring for the kids – head to K1 Speed Race Kart Track, where they can enjoy the biggest indoor race kart track in the West. The karts boast electric 20 horsepower motors and allow for rapid acceleration that both dad and the kids are sure to get a kick out of. The adrenaline rushes offered at K1 are an excellent addition to any family’s vacation schedule.

Kids will be able to fulfill their desire for independence while in a controlled and safe environment – freeing you from the stress that commonly accompanies being a parent while watching your kids have a great time. If you’ve got younger children that don’t meet the height requirements, K1 offers arcade games and snack bars that are almost as entertaining as the karts.

Be a Junior Beach Ranger

If your children are outdoors lovers, head down to Cape Rey Carlsbad for an adventurous opportunity to fulfill your child’s desires for nature immersion. At the Campfire Center by Carlsbad State Beach, your child can become a Junior Beach Ranger and learn all about beach preservation, the variety of wildlife and landscapes in Southern California, and preservation methods.

The rangers will take your children to look for whales, seals, sharks, and ospreys while educating them about ecology. This exciting program encourages children to log their activities in a notebook to take home. During the weekly 45 minute classes, your child will have the chance to see tidepools. Being a Beach Ranger is something your outdoorsy kids are sure to love.

 The Museum of Making Music

Known as the universal language, music knows no boundaries. Whether your children want to sing, dance, or make their own music – this Carlsbad gem is a collection of hands on activities, culture, and history. You’ll find a taste of virtually every genre of music. Also, you’ll get a fun education on how music has evolved over the centuries.

There are exhibits of musical instruments that help children learn about the industry of making music. From jazz to pop to hip-hop, as well as being encourage to get creative and play with different instruments. Maybe even motivating them to pick up music when they get back home. Your children will have a renewed appreciation of this art form after a visit to this great museum.

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