How to Spend Your Day on a Solo Resort Vacation

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How to Spend Your Day on a Solo Resort Vacation

Don’t we all just wish we could take a break from our busy schedules and spend some quality time alone? Don’t we all dream of beautiful places surrounded by breathtaking views? After exhausting ourselves, taking care of everyone else, don’t we all feel the need to refill our love tanks? And southern California beach resorts provide the perfect escape vacation spots for solo relaxation and self-discovery.

There is a never-ending catalog of things to do during a solo vacation or staycation if you are fortunate to live close by.  An ocean of interesting activities available for the taking, makes creating a bucket list of fun activities possible. One of the major thrills of a solo get-away is a rare opportunity to explore new terrains and experience life in a never-seen before manner. An ideal solo get-away should leave you with a sense of fulfillment, thoroughly replenished and totally in touch with nature.

The following offers a few tips for a great vacation at the best southern California beach resorts.

#1 Catch the morning ocean waves

If you rise with the sun, you could begin your day taking an early morning stroll or a jog along miles of gorgeous sand trails which offers you a blend of perfect solitude and tranquility that are necessary for deep personal reflections. Take in the magnificent picturesque scenery of towering ocean waves sweeping the beach sands as you take in the fresh ocean air. Nothing beats this surreal experience.  Staying at southern California beach resorts makes the walk to the beach mere steps from outside the door.

#2 Go light on breakfast

Hit the day off on a light note to give just about the needed energy for the day. Some Carlsbad beach resorts like Ocean Palms offer free breakfast.

#3 Pay attention to the little things

Great memories are often made from seemingly little things, especially during a get-away. Pick up on the sound of sea waves, close your eyes, and listen to insects’ chirpings, hear the birds sing and watch a leaf fall. These are seemingly mundane everyday activities that give ultimate pleasure and set the tone for creating lingering fond memories

#4 Explore the arena on foot

Walking serves as a wonderful form of exercise and also doubles as a way to know your city and understand its cultural heritage as you take in the richness of the surrounding nature. Listening to your favorite music playlist while it goes further to enhance the thrill of the experience.  There is great history within the city of Carlsbad as well as the Flower Fields and San Diego Botanic Garden nearby.

#5 Travel with a favorite book

Nothing screams solo than reading a book.  Enjoy your book at a scenic location, it gives you time alone as you get lost in the magic with every turn of the page.

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