The Wonder That is California!


The Wonder That is California!

California, believed to have been ruled by the Amazons and to be named after the warrior-queen Califa.

From being a spectacular center for a tourist attraction to having an invigorating climate to also being the largest wine producing state in the United States, the golden state has repeatedly proven to be an avalanche of an amazing experience for both visiting tourists as well as citizens.

So, if you are planning on taking that vacation or travel tour, here’s why we believe California could be your best bet yet.

California Street Cable Car

Believed to be one of the very last of its kind, it offers not just the avenue to travel back in time but also to enjoy the beautiful scenery all through the jolly car ride.

San Diego, generally described as the oldest city in California, America’s finest city boasts of a slew of exotic beaches and resorts within and around the city. Within San Diego county is Carlsbad- with over 100,000 population, seven miles coastline, mystical scenery, top-notch resorts, and exotic restaurants, Carlsbad offers to give mind-blowing adventures and leave you with awesome-lingering memories.

And while visiting Carlsbad resorts, a must-see destination is the number #1 rated Carlsbad hotel Ocean palms resort center. From budget to luxury travelers, Ocean palms beach resort has everyone covered.

Yosemite Falls

Ever wondered what an over 2,000 feet waterfall would look like? Ever thought about how mesmerizing it’d feel to stand before a waterfall and experience the rush of excitement and energy as the water cascades down with amazing speed and lulling tranquility? Commonly referred to as the ‘dramatic waterfall’, Yosemite Falls promises to be an awe-inspiring and equally rewarding life-experience.

Joshua Tree National Park

This natural park is said to be a fascinating combination of two different deserts.  It is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. The vast landscape, towering peculiar trees, occasional rainfall, and picturesque geology mark this wilderness. It promises to give an unforgettable desert experience without having you grappling with the stark realities associated with being stuck in a desert. It’s fun, and rest assure you aren’t likely to get over the thrills from the hiking, climbing, and camping in a hurry.

Napa Valley

Behold the highly reputed and legendary Napa Valley. Notable for its exquisite landscapes and stunning geology, this mesmerizing work of nature promises to blow your mind.

Oh! And here’s the best part. Did we mention that California is the Mecca of all things wine in the United States? If we did, then Carlsbad is its hub. What with a ton of breweries and oceanfront hotels Carlsbad CA, this is not the least bit surprising. Be sure to check out Ocean palms on your next trip. What’s more? They are Dog-friendly.

Bring along your camera or at least your phone as you explore. Create unforgettable memories, and soak in the pure wonder that is quintessentially California.

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